In the beginning was the wheel, rolling, turning until its true purpose was unveiled - the motorcycle' -and the Freedom of the Ride was born!

Oliver Brumpton MD

The story so far...

The Boss - Ollie
Grand master Gordon!
Jay 'The Veteran'
Martin Free Wheels!
Mick Masters!
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Tim Tastic!
Padowan Becky
Mighty Vic & the Hounds!
Lethargic Lewis
Neil 'The Fetiler'
Johno 'The Don' Instructor

OLLIE 'The Boss' with a military background and 12yrs as a firefighter, he runs a tight ship

GORDON 'Grand Master' Qualified Mechanic, Instructor and Manager, he can teach it, build it & ride it!

JAY 'The Veteran' with a back ground on land and sea! our resident scooter boy!

MICK 'The Gentle Instructor' - all the time in the world - experienced in many disciplines of riding

MARTIN 'YODA' Fully qualified Instructor, CBT,MOD1&2,Advanced - born on a bike and never left! 

No such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing!

TIM 'Tastic' Ex mechanic who never really left-Support Team

BECKY 'Padowan' Trainee Mechanic always learning and asking questions,

'is the kettle on?

BIG VIC & The Hounds, - if its rare, old or obscure? VIC can find it!

Support Team


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Olivers Motorcycles

LEWIS ' Spanner Monkey' 

wont leave until the job is done!

Support team

MICHELLE 'New Convert' The Bosses BOSS & Bike Junky!

Neil 'The Fetiler' Our custom crazy metal Gluing volunteer  -Support Team

JOHNO 'The Don' Instructor and track enthusiast - Support Team


Resident classic bike whisperer